The Business Opportunity

Neither of us joined the company to do the business. We both purchased the oils and jumped on the ER program to personally use, explore and transition to a low tox lifestyle.

A year into it we realised that we were already essentially doing the “business” because we were naturally sharing the oils with those around us.

So deciding to put our #girlboss pants on and REALLY do the business (i.e. put in the hard work, create the resources for you all, reach our goal ranks) was the easy part…


It is was a ‘no brainer’.

There is no other business model (that of network marketing) that we are aware of that provides this type of compensation - and all for a product we already both use, love and share.

So, if you have any nudge into learning about the business side, read through our thoughts below and then choose whether you are READY to get out of your own way and STOP worrying about what others think of you …and just friggen


Go for the healthier home.

Go for the flexibility and time freedom.

Go for the financial freedom.

And most importantly, go for YOU - making your dreams a reality!

We are here to chat to you, support you and watch your every dreams come true.

D + A x

Busting Network Marketing Myths

Young Living is a Multi-Level Marketing or Network Marketing company.

Whilst this may scare the crap out of you and have everyone around you telling you that it isn't a good idea to get involved ...we believe you have been misinformed. 

First, let's get one thing straight, it is NOT a Pyramid Scheme. Pyramid schemes are illegal and YL would of been shut down donkey years ago if it were such a company. 

Second of all, let's clear up what a MLM or Network company means....

Majority of the REVENUE of the company is derived from non-salaried workforce i.e. you and me (everyday consumers). Majority of the PROFITS of the company are distributed to non-salaried workforce i.e. you and me, instead of getting caught up in middle management, marketing teams, advertising spend etc.  

 Your income is driven by commissions from the sales you generate when people enrol through you AND commissions from sales that anybody in your downlines generate. 

Network Marketing vs Influencer Marketing


So some people have this big FEAR when it comes to network marketing ...."I don't want to be a network marketer", "I don't want to come across as sale-sly", "I think people would judge me if I join an MLM"....and the list goes on. 

So let me break something to you - you are already a network marketer!

Let us give you some examples: 
- A friend asking you where you bought your jeans from. 
- Recommending to your colleague to watch a movie or TV series on Netflix.  

Now, you are an influencer we are going to go one step further and make a bold statement that network marketing is the SAME as influencer marketing (or affiliate marketing for that matter) just get paid much more!

Let us give you some examples  
- Getting paid by a brand to post a photo of you holding or using their product.
- Getting a product or service for free when you signed people up to something or they bought the product. 

So really, a network marketer is anybody that authentically recommends a product or service to another person - they just get paid for it. So whilst you don't get paid when your friend buys the same jeans as you or you get paid $300 as a one time payment for promoting a product on Instagram or attending an event .....when you share the YL oils and people enrol through you, you get paid time and time again ...RECURRING, PASSIVE income. Kaching!! 

And the funny thing is Influencers are happy to promote products and services they don't even use or even believe in to make $$ ....and we are never suggesting this. We are looking for influencers who genuinely love YL essential oils, use them everyday and therefore, want to authentically recommend them to others. If they can change your life, why wouldn't you want to change other people's lives!?!?

P.S. We believe network marketing when done authentically with an amazing product 10x easier and more profitable than influencer marketing ...not to mention it calls you to STEP UP, grow and become a beautiful leader.

The Income Potential

Below is an example of the Young Living income disclosure statement for 2017. It is incredibly generous and the resources and community we are building combined with the strategy we teach will assist you in rising up the ranks to achieve your financial goals. 

However, please don’t take these figures as guaranteed and from our experience we prefer to be conservative. Therefore we recommend you use the Median (not average) monthly figures and if you want to achieve the Median monthly income of a Silver member, we recommend you setting your goals on ranking to Gold to guarantee you to reach that income (yes, this is conservative, but the last thing we want to be doing is advocating income figures which may not be accurate). There are so many factors which play into how much you will earn which is why the lowest and highest incomes at each member rank vary so differently.

Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 4.34.44 pm.png

Note that the compensation paid to members summarised in this disclosure does not include expenses incurred by members in the operation or promotion of their business (e.g. product samples, training, travel). The earnings of the members in this chart are not necessarily representative of the income, if any, that a Young Living member can or will earn through the Young Living Compensation Plan. These figures should not be considered as guarantees or projections of your actual earnings or profits. Young Living does not guarantee any income or rank success.

Why Join Our Team

Our Role


We are not here to give you any guarantees of making X dollars, do the work for you or take responsibility for people you enrol. 

What we are here is to present to you with the opportunity, provide you with the tools and resources you need to be successful and then support you along the journey. This support is in the form of mentoring/coaching, education and community. 

But don't be fooled, this business takes work. You will get out what you put in and we will be directing more of our efforts to building under those that are showing up and putting effort into building their team (not just expecting someone above them to build the team for them). 

We believe that women have the power to work together and rise together and that as a collective of conscious fearless influencers we will be able to truly change the lives of others so that they can be financially free to live a natural, chemical free life and do work that truly lights them up.

Our Support

When you sign up to the oils on our team (using our link) you will get exclusive access to: 

  • Welcome gift from us including a copy of The Oily Life Guide, Thieves cleaner bottle and 2 roll ons.

  • Your Essentials to Thrive Ebook which includes everything you need to know to get you started on your oily journey including information on topics such as the Premium Starter Kit, Safety, How to use the Virtual Office, DIY Chemical Free Cleaning, Beauty/Personal Care Recipes, Emotional Support and much more.

  • Business resources including our 4 key modules: Business Basics, Success Strategy, Magical Marketing and Badass Blueprints. Everything is step by step and super easy for you to copy and duplicate to ensure you are successful. 

  • Personal business coaching where we will help you grow your team, step up as a leader and most importantly work on yourself to become the BEST version of you. 

Our Community

One of the best parts of joining our team is connecting with like minded, health conscious people. Our community ranges from influencers to small business owners to stay at home mums to everyday people just wanting to up level their health and live a low-tox lifestyle.

It is an opportunity to connect, collaborate and work with people that you may have never have had the opportunity before and of course get to work alongside US!

Are you a good fit for the business?

Not everyone is a good fit for the business side of Young Living. At the core there are 3 MAJOR red flags that you are not a good fit: (1) You do not use the Young Living oils regularly; (2) You do not genuinely love and see the benefits from the Young Living oils; or (3) You do not plan on doing any work to grow your team (i.e. you think other people will magically do it for you).

Good Fit

  • Genuinely loves Young Living Oils

  • Passionate about healthy living - eating wholesome foods, healthy routines etc

  • Desire to switch out chemicals in their house and beauty/body products

  • You are a self-starter and highly motivated

  • You don't let 'No's' bother you and you keep going until you get a 'Yes'

  • You love collaborating with other influencers like you 

  • You are open to sharing your journey with the oils on your social media in a compliant way to grow your team

  • You have a burning desire and know you are ready to step up, be a leader and create financial freedom for yourself

Bad Fit

  • You are not in love with the oils

  • Healthy and natural living doesn't align to your brand

  • You feel uncomfortable or are not willing to find other influencers to join your team; run workshops, Fb/IG ads or share on your social media your oils journey to grow your team. 

  • You do not intend on making time to show up for oils calls including education or business sessions. 

  • You do not have the time to commit to growing your team and supporting your downline.

  • You're not someone who takes action and would prefer to have your up-line grow your team for you. 

Your Why

We believe in everyone figuring out their personal and bigger WHY for doing the Young Living business opportunity.  

It is totally ok if you don't know this straight away, however, along your journey we believe it is important for you to seek clarity around your:

Personal Why:What is your personal reason that gets you motivated and excited to build your team and rise to the next Rank with Young Living? What motivates you do go from Silver to Gold, from Gold to Platinum etc? Examples: To financially free yourself from debt; to be able to afford to only work 3 days a week and look after your kids; to help more homes become toxin free and healthier; to help you step into your power as a leader; to buy your dream house etc.

Bigger Why:What is your bigger reason for growing your Young Living team and ranking up? What value do you want to provide them? How do you want to serve the community? What do you want to be known for? Examples: to help females do work that lights them up; to help empower females spiritually and emotionally; to help females become financially free etc

Our why’s are very similar but also quite different.



  • Personal why is to create a passive income stream and financially free herself so she can continue to focus on overcoming her health challenges and support her relationship with her partner. She hopes to one day start a family and not have the burdens of going to a corporate job and risk relapsing her Chronic Fatigue.

  • Bigger why is to help people (females in particular) do work that lights them up and help them to rise. She gets pure joy out of helping females to start or grow their business and the Young Living business model allows her to coach women and see them rise.


  • Personal why is to create a passive income stream that will allow her to have more flexibility with her DJ and Music career, and not rely on it solely for financial freedom. She wants to spend time and energy on building an animal sanctuary and animal welfare company, and to do this will need supplementary financial support.

  • Bigger why is to inspire other people to make small, achievable, yet positive changes in their every day life. These changes have the potential to dramatically affect the health and happiness of you and your family members, as well as the greater community, and of course, our environment. 

Once you figure out your reason WHY you must go after the Young Living business opportunity, everything changes because you will always have that one thing at the back of your mind - your debt free bank account, the smile on your kids faces, that dream home, the friendships you’ve longed for and the vitality and healthy family you’ve fostered.

So, what’s it going to be?


By now you will already know in your gut whether this is for you or not.

So is it a HELL YESS?

If you got triggered in anyway by reading our story, making watching it unfold for us on Instagram or by seeing the income potential …then it is more than likely that it is because:

YOU want that same story!

You want to be healthy, living a low tox life, doing work that lights you UP and making an abundant passive income stream on the side.

Don’t wait any longer.

Sign up today on our team and then we can book in your first business coaching call with us.

We can’t wait to meet you!

D + A x